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DPR Applicator Online Training Enrollment

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*** For multiple CEUs, please register for all classes at once to ensure all credits are issued with the same certificate. You must complete all credit hours registered for within the calendar year that you registered in or prior to your renewal date, whichever comes first. No credit hours will carry forward.
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The fee for each class is $15.00.

CLASS 1 - 2 Laws and Regulations; 2 Others
 Pesticide Applicator Safety
 Public Safety
 Pesticide labels and Label Comprehension Part 1
 Pesticide labels and Label Comprehension Part 2
CLASS 2 - 1 Laws and Regulations; 1 Others
 Environmental Protection and Drift
 Environmental Protection
CLASS 3 - 1.5 Laws and Regulations; 4.5 Others
 Pesticide Formulations and Actions Part 1
 Pesticide Formulations and Actions Part 2
 Nonchemical Pest Control Part 1
 Nonchemical Pest Control Part 2
 Basic Principles of Mathematics and Chemistry
 Basic Principles of Toxicology and Entomology
CLASS 4 - 4 Others
 Application Equipment and Techniques Part 1
 Application Equipment and Techniques Part 2
 Recognition of Pest and Pest Damage Part 1
 Recognition of Pest and Pest Damage Part 2
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State regulations require that you must watch the videos to the end and complete the test immediately after watching the video. Failure to do so will result in your exams being disqualified.


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