SPCS Apprentice Online Training

CTN Educational Services' online classes can assist in the necessary training required to become an apprentice.

Prior to registering to take the exam for a technician license, the applicant must first be registered as an apprentice and complete all apprentice training requirements, discount including twenty (20) hours classroom training in the General Standards with at least two hours of classroom training in each of the following subjects:

A.   Federal and state laws that regulate the industry
B.   Recognition of pests and pest damage
C.   Pesticide labels and label comprehension
D.   Pesticide safety
E.   Environmental protection
F.   Application equipment and techniques
G.   Pesticide formulations and actions
H.   Emergency procedures and pesticide cleanup, and procedures for the immediate reporting of spills and misapplications
I.   Basic principles of mathematics, chemistry, toxicology, and entomology
J.   Non-chemical pest control techniques including biological, mechanical and prevention techniques.

Additional information can be obtained via the Texas Structural Pest Control Service website.

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