Structural Pest Control Service Technician Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

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According to the Texas SPCS, order as of September 1, case 2000, all commercial and noncommercial licensed technicians shall complete eight (8) hours of verifiable training for the preceding twelve (12) months of the renewal date. The verifiable training shall be reported on a board prescribed verifiable training record form, and must be verified upon each annual renewal of the technician's license.

The eight (8) hours should follow the subject areas listed below; however, please make note that there is no specific amount for each subject required.

A.   Federal and state laws regulating structural pest control and pesticide application
B.   Recognition of pest and pest damage
C.   Pesticide labels and label comprehension
D.   Pesticide safety
E.   Environmental protection
F.   Application equipment and techniques
G.   Pesticide formulations and actions
H.   Emergency procedures and pesticide cleanup, and procedures for the immediate reporting of spills and misapplications
I.   Basic principles of mathematics, chemistry, toxicology, and entomology
J.   Non-chemical pest control techniques including biological, mechanical and prevention techniques.
  • Two (2) hours of the eight (8) hours of training may be on the job training or hands on training.
  • Internet training or videotape training may be used if the certified applicator certifies that the training is the appropriate training.
  • Hour for hour credit will be given if a Board approved Continuing Education Unit course is completed.
  • No courses may be repeated for credit per year.
  • All verifiable training records forms will be made available to the Board upon request. These verifiable training records form shall be kept on a format prescribed by the Board in the business file for at least two (2) years after termination of employment.
  • The verifiable training records forms will be made available to the technician upon written request.

Additional information can be obtained via the Texas Structrual Pest Control Board website.

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